brown planthopper control

How to Control Brown Planthopper?

Meningkatkan kualitas tanaman padi

Signs of Brown Planthopper Attack

Serangan wereng coklat: tanaman terbakar/gosong

Yellow, brown and dying plants: hopperburnFungal and bacterial infections of the plantHoney dew and molds at the infected areasReduced plant height, growth and vigour, with...


Use Plenum to Control Brown Planthopper

Plenum is the most effective insecticide against brown planthopper.It prevents damage and provides long duration control of brown planthopper and will generate higher yield.

Long Duration Control of Brown Planthopper

Plenum provides powerful control against the brown planthopper. It delivers immediate rice crop protection. The Plenum formulation penetrates easily into the plant and is effective even when there is a lot of rain.

Higher Yield and Better Return on Investment

The impact of the brown planthopper are huge. If not treated it results in significant yield loss. With Plenum you have control back over your rice pest and your rice crop.With Plenum you have minimal damage in your crop. You will have a green and healthy crop that is generating a higher yield and a better return of your investment.